Multithreading pour Python Django

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def start_new_thread(function):     def decorator(*args, **kwargs):         t = Thread(target = function, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)         t.daemon = True         t.start()     return decorator 
@start_new_thread def foo():   #do stuff 
from django.db import connection  @postpone def foo():   #do stuff   connection.close() 
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# in  from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor  MAX_THREADS = 10   def run_thread_pool():     """     Note that this is not a normal function, but a coroutine.     All jobs are enqueued first before executed and there can be     no more than 10 threads that run at any time point.     """     with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=MAX_THREADS) as executor:         while True:             func, args, kwargs = yield             executor.submit(func, *args, **kwargs)   pool_wrapper = run_thread_pool()  # Advance the coroutine to the first yield (priming) next(pool_wrapper) 
from my_utils import pool_wrapper  def job(*args, **kwargs):     # do something  def handle(request):     # make args and kwargs     pool_wrapper.send((job, args, kwargs))     # return a response 

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