Comment modifier ou écrire sur le PDF existant avec Ruby

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filename = "#{Prawn::DATADIR}/pdfs/multipage_template.pdf" Prawn::Document.generate("full_template.pdf", :template => filename) do   text "THis content is written on the first page of the template", :align => :center end 
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require 'prawn' require 'pdf/toolkit'  template_filename = 'some/dir/Awesome-Graphics.pdf' prawn_filename = 'temp.pdf' output_filename = 'output.pdf'  Prawn::Document.generate(prawn_filename) do   # Generate whatever you want here.   text_box "This is some new text!", :at => [100, 300] end  PDF::Toolkit.pdftk(prawn_filename, "background", template_filename, "output", output_filename) 
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company_logo = CombinePDF.load("company_logo.pdf").pages[0] pdf = CombinePDF.load "content_file.pdf" pdf.pages.each { |page| page << company_logo } # notice the << operator is on a page and not a PDF object. "content_with_logo.pdf" 
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# get the record from the database to add dynamically to the pdf user = User.last  # get the existing pdf pdf = CombinePDF.load "#{Rails.root}/public/pdf/existing_pdf.pdf"  # create a textbox and add it to the existing pdf on page 2 pdf.pages[1].textbox "#{user.first_name} #{user.last_name}", height: 20, width: 70, y: 596, x: 72  # output the new pdf which now contains your dynamic data "#{Rails.root}/public/pdf/output#{}.pdf" 

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