Faire le courant Git branch a master branch

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git checkout better_branch git merge --strategy=ours master    # keep the content of this branch, but record a merge git checkout master git merge better_branch             # fast-forward master up to the merge 
git merge --strategy=ours --no-commit master git commit          # add information to the template merge message 
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git checkout main 
git reset --hard better_branch 
git push -f origin main 
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git checkout new-master git branch -m master old-master git branch -m new-master master # And don't do this part.  Just don't.  But if you want to... # git branch -d --force old-master 
mv -i .git/refs/new-master .git/refs/master git checkout master 
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git branch -M branch_name master 
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git branch -f master HEAD 
git push -f origin master 
# This will force push the current branch to the remote master git push -f origin HEAD:master  # Switch current branch to master git checkout master  # Reset the local master branch to what's on the remote git reset --hard origin/master 

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